Visit Adam's Peak Summit (Sri Pada).

6:42 PM 1/26/2024

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Sri Pada Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Visit to Adam's Peak Summit (Sri Pada), if you are staying in Sri Lanka during its Sri Pada pilgrimage season. You can't climb this mountain any time that you want. It is allowed to climb during the safe periods only. Adam's Peak is actually a religious place where pilgrims used to visit for worshiping the foot print of God according to their religious believing. In Sinhala, it is called as Sri Pada while Hindu's call it as Sivanoli Patha Malai (Sivanolipatha Malai). Christians and Muslims religion followers call it as Adams' Peak. Looking the sun rising from this peak is considered as the best thing to do while you are visiting Sri Lanka. During the annual festival days lot of local people too visit here for worshipping. There are stone steps available on the path and at steep places railings too available for hand grip. Most of the people climb early morning to view the sun rising from the peak. While many visitors climb there in the morning time to worship the foot prints of the God on the Sri Pada Peak. As a foreign Backpacker, contact a local tour operator to include you in one of their group tour package. Also can find private guide to visit the mountain peak to view the beautiful sunrise which is fasmous with the visiting tourists.

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Notice: Sri Pada Pilgrim Season 2024

Sri Pada pilgrim season (2023/2024) began on Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day on December 26, 2023). The festival will end on the Vesak Full Moon day 23/05/2024 Thursday.
The motorcade carrying the casket of sacred relics, the statues and regalia will leave Galpottawala Sri Pada Rajamaha Vihara in Pelmadulla and will arrive at Nallathanniya in the evening and be taken in procession from there in the early hours of Unduwap full moon Poya day.

Distance from Jaffna Nallur Kandaswamy Temple to Adam's Peak is around 410 Km.
Colombo to Adam's Peak base distance is 146 Km.

Adam's Peak Summit area is controlled by the Government authority and there are restrictions for the pilgrims and the visitors to observe during their visit to this peak. This peak is popular for its spectacular view point for to watch the scenic views up to the horizon. Adam's Peak and is the fourth highest mountain (2244 M) in Sri Lanka. This place is located 40 km northeast of the Ratnapura town which is popular for the Gem Stone mining and polishing. A normal person will need around 2-3 hours to climb to the top of the mountain. You can start climbing from Hatton-Nallathanni, Ratnapura-Palabaddala, Kuruwita-Erathna, Murraywatte, Mookuwatte or through Malimboda.

Adam's Peak Pilgrimage Season.

Pilgrim season used to commence on the full moon of December and ends by the full moon day of April. During the months of March and April lot of pilgrims used to climb to the top part of this Adam's Peak. There are small shops in some place while you are climbing to the peak. The steps taking you to the peak are made with cement and strong stones. There is an old chin fitted on the mountain which is very old and it is historically marked in the history of Ceylon. Don't miss to watch this. During the season, authorities used to be very strict on polythene usage and on those people who are coming here for fun purpose. All the music instruments used to be collected from them and are returned to them on their return.

Don't try to climb the peak during the off season as it is not recommended by the authorities and by the local people living around there, before to go on this keep your phone fully charged and keep enough data to use the map. Also activate GPS and Google map facility too in your phone.

Bus Service to Sri Pada Submit.

Passengers to Sri Pada can travel through SLTB Busses up to Nallathani from Balangoda Bus Stand.The Special bus will start at 4:30PM from Balangoda and will travel via Norwood and expected to reach Nallathani by night 8:00 pm.
Bus seats can be reserved online at Also you can call 1315 to get information on the bus seat reservation service. More information can be received through the SLTB hotline 1958 / 077 1056032. For train servce, check for the train schedules.

The name Adam's Peak was given to this mountain during the British Rule of Ceylon (1815-1948).

Adam's Peak Videos.

Beautiful Sunrise - Adam's Peak - Sri Lanka.

Climbing Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka.

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