Sri Lanka Street Foods.

9:31 AM 4/23/2024

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Sri Lanka street foods should not be missed while you are here. They are cheap and delicious and are prepared infront of you. Night time is the beat to try these food items. In addition you will not get any added service charge, VAT and any Table chaege. In Colombo, you can find lot of joints that serve local food and beverages at reasonable price. These places may bear the names as hotel, restaurant, bakeries and cool spots. Many of them offer freshly baked bread in the mornings and evenings. In the mornings for the bread you may get side dishes as Fried Dhal, Seeni Sambol and Potatoes curry. Other than this you can find kinds of Buns and sandwiches that don't have hot chilies in them. Galle Face in Colombo is the best place for street foods. There are many small sized street food shops with table and chairs used to serve many kinds of seafood, meat and many varsities of dishes at affordable price. In the evenings and night time lot of Sri Lanka people use to visit here. If you like take your dish to sea side benches or to the grass ground is acceptable here. Also check the events list for Street Food Festivals that used to take place around Colombo. If you are visiting here after two years, you may see the food prices are up than before. But on the other hand you will get more money when you exchange foreign currency to Sri Lanka Rupees due to current inflation.

Eating Sri Lanka Street Foods.

All of a sudden the street food shop's popularity had gone up. This is because thousands of Tourists are visiting here and many of them had posting travel vlogs to other tourists.
Before to buy any food item ask the price of it. recently an American tourist had visited one of the shop in Hulfsdrop.(Aluth Kade). He asked for Kothu meal and the shop owner said it was priced at Rs 1,900/-. But actuallyits price is Rs 800/-. Likwise in Panadura a cheater had taken a tourist to a tea boutique and asked him pay Rs 1,000/- for a cup of plain tea and Ulundu vadai.
The acutual cost of tea and vadai was Rs Rs 130/-


Best Spots.
Slave Island

Sri Lanka Street Food Ingredients.

Sri Lanka street food used to contain Vegetables, Poultry products, Seafood and Mutton. It is very rare to use Beef and Pork. But in some places they are included and you can see visible notices over those places. Most of the dishes will have aromatic curry leaves, Big Onions, Green Chilies, Carrot, Garbage, Leaks, Green salad leaves in them. Depending on your choice with Eggs, Chicken meat, Chicken Sausages, different kinds of Fishes, Shrimps, Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Lobsters, Sea water Crabs, Fresh water Crabs and Octopus are very popular dishes. They are made hot chili powder and with aromatic hot spices. If you can stand the hot chilies, inform about your choice. You can go with locally extracted thick sweet coconut milk to make your dish to be delicious. Green path Area and Dutch Hospital shopping Precinct are for relaxing. Dutch Hospital area offers foods like street foods but high class level with good atmosphere and best hygienic conditions. Lot of Tourists used to come over to this place in the evenings and Nights and used to stay here till early morning..

hopper colombo

Sri Lanka short eats like Chinese Rolls will have vegetable, meat, fish or eggs inside of it. (Normally they are with hot pepper.)
You can have pieces of sweet cakes and Swiss-rolls at affordable price in the Bakery Shops too..
For the lunch all places serve rice and curries (Normally they are with hot pepper.) Chicken, beef, mutton and eggs are served with it. In some places you can find, yellow rice, fried rice and Buriyani. So go for Buffet Lunch where you have good selection at affordable price.

In the large towns you can find restaurants that used to serve European style dishes. Also you can ask any restaurant to prepare dishes without chilies in them Or you can ask permission to go inside the kitchen and advice the cook on how to prepare your dish. Chinese noodles and spaghetti are freely available in stores. You can ask the restaurant people to prepare it while you are looking on as per your wish. Of course you have to pay for them. So ask for the price first before you venture in to the kitchen.

Evening and dinner time, Dishes

  • Egg hopers, milk hoppers, sweet hoppers and plain hoppers.
  • Koththu rotty (Vegetable, chicken, Beef, egg or with cheese)
  • Plain rotti and curry.
  • Rice and curries. (Vegetable, chicken, Beef, or egg.)
  • If you don't like hot chili pepper to be included in the dishes, tell them not to use it when you order food.
  • If you happened to eat hot chilies and can't stand it, drink milk to soothe your mouth.

As Sri Lanka is a tropical island you can have fruits any time at any place. Normally there are 28 varieties of fruits used to be available here. Bananas and papaya used to be available round the year all over the island. In the super markets you can find fruits that were imported from Australia and are sold according to their weight and price. For example you can find kinds of Apples, Orange, Mandarin, Kiwi and different kinds of grapes. Jaffna is having it own grapes where some varieties are with soar taste.

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Street Foods

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