Things NOT to do in Sri Lanka.

6:26 PM 4/26/2023

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As a tourist you are welcome to Sri Lanka to explore it and to enjoy your holidays here.
First of all don't visit here with Lord Buddha's Tattoo on your body.
Don;t bringing dresses, sandals, caps, towels and other objects with religious images can lead to legal prosecution..
Please observe the following while you are here.

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  • Beach dresses are meant for beaches and are not good for to do shopping with them on.
  • When visiting Temples or Shrines, do dress like as going to church for Sunday mass.(Fully covered dress).
  • It is not allowed to enter Temples with your footwear. Leave them at the place arranged for them.
  • Don't take photos of Buddha in inappropriate manner. (Don't pose in front of it to take photo)
  • Staying or Bathing in Waterfalls are nice. But be warned, there may come sudden water rush and it can roll you away.
  • Exchange your foreign Currency only through the legal channels only. Also get receipt for it and keep it till you leave Sri Lanka.
  • Don't hail Tuk Tuk's with Smartphone Apps near to local Tuk Tuk stands as the local driver's may get angry. Walf further down and hail it..
  • Don't speak with those people who are following you. Some of these followers are tricky people.
  • Tuk Tuk has Government Embalm on their number plates, but they are not owned by the Government.
  • Never accept drinks or food from unknown passengers when you are travelling in bus or train.
  • Whenever purchasing any tickets do it yourself. Or stay next to the person who is buying it for you.
  • Change money with approved money changers only.
  • Excess Sri Lanka rupees? Convert them in to foreign currencies at the Colombo airport.
  • Don't accept damaged or hand written Currency notes. Also don't damage or write on them.
  • Extend your visa validity before it expires at Battaramulla, Colombo.

Following things are prohibited by law.

  • Don't over stay your visa in Sri Lanka.
  • Smoking and Dinking in public places are prohibited.
  • Don't use mobile phone while driving or walking specially next to Train tracks..
  • Avoid using mobile phone next to the train track or on it.
  • Use of polythene bags (Specially particular size and material).
  • Tourists are not allowed to do business.(selling Phones, jewelry etc)
  • Foreign Visitors are not allowed to work without valid work permit.
  • Use pedestrian crossing only to cross the road. Obey to the signal lights if there are any.
  • Always keep your tickets of the train and busses till you finish the journey. It is an offence to travel without a valid ticket.

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