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6:54 AM 1/16/2024

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Sri Lanka motorcycle tours are very popular all over the world. Every year thousands of foreigners go on with this motorcycle of tour.
There is no snowing or deseart land is available in Sri Lanka. All the year Sri Lanka gets Sun Light and with occasional rain falls.
Pack your thing with your valid Motorcycle driving license and come to Sri Lanka to enjoy this fantastic tour offer.
It provides you with vast experience and offer toher opportunities too while on the riding route.
All over the world due to its unique riding terrains and views on both sides of the routes this idea.
Lot of foreign tourists used to come over here to take part in it.
They can go as a group or individual for riding motorcycles. Group riders can go with one local tour guide who will act as a leader too.
He used to bring one motorbike mechanic and a backup vehicle for the tour group.
This backup vehicle used to be a jeep and it will hold all the tour participants luggage and emergency supply.
Individual travelers can rent motorcycle on daily basis and can travel all over Srilanka on their own idea.

One Day Motorcycle Riding Tour.
Kitulgala Tour, Ratnapura Tour and Panduwasnuwara Tours are good for to get One Day Tour action in Sri Lanka.

Most of these riders used to ride only in the day time and used to take rest in the night at hotels or guest houses and hostels.
On the route you have options to go on Elephant or Horse riding, beach Holidays, scuba diving, snorkeling and on many other activities.
Visiting the ancient cities too are carried out by them.

This Sri Lanka motorcycle tour allows the riders to engage with the local community and to try local food dishes and drinks.
There is no shortage for the road side eateries and cool spots.
There you can have freshly baked breads, cakes and kinds of buns along with fruit juices, mineral water and popular American soft drinks.
Foreign travelers travelling on motorbikes used to drink lot of coconut water all over Sri Lanka at affordable price, on the road side stalls.
If you bring your Smartphone, get a local SIM card with call plans and data plan.
So the Smartphone will help you with the Google maps to find your position and routes through the data plan.
Also you can select Tuk Tuk (3 Wheeler) riding or Jeep riding in the middle of the tour.
Specially the Safari tours in the forest will allow you to go on private Jeeps rides with experienced drivers.
They know where to spot wild elephants, Leopards, Bears and wild buffalows. The tour will give you memorable experience throughout the route.

Motorcycle Tour

Negombo City.

When tourist arrives at Colombo Airport, they used to choose Negombo City for their relaxation stay as it is located near to the Colombo airport.
In Negombo city you can find all the things that a tourist may want to have. This is the best place where you can find good condition motorbikes for hire.
Negombo is popular for seafood restaurants and freshly cached seafood.

Colombo, Kandy, Trincomalee and Galle towns too offer bikes on daily rental basis to visiting tourists.
Best motorbikes for Sri Lanka Tours: Royal Enfield and Honda Baja XL 250. Some people prefer Scooters too.
When renting motorcycles, they used to give two helmets without any rent.
You can contact the provider through his phone number 24 hours a day for assistance.

Riding Motorcycle in Sri Lanka.

  1. To ride a motorcycle in Sri Lanka you must have your own country license and a Sri Lanka temporary driver permit.
  2. Your motorbikes must have valid revenue license.
  3. Third party insurance and if possible get a full insurance coverage.
  4. Both the rider and the pillion passenger must wear certified safety helmets.
  5. Riders must follow the motor traffic rules of the country. Those violators will be prosecuted by the local police.
  6. While planning your trip, get insurance from your country that will cover your incidents while in Sri Lanka.
  7. Check the bike for any damages and report them when you are renting them specially those scooters. You can rent out GoPro camera too.

Motorcycle Tours, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka motorcycle Tours Video.

Like to go on Sri Lanka motorcycle tour or like to rent a motorcycle?

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