Nainativu, Nagadeepa Island.

8:36 AM 4/11/2024

Nainativu, the Nagadeepa Island in Sri Lanka is one of the popular pilgrimage destination located in the Northern Sri Lanka. thousands of people used to visit this Island using the passenger boat services in the day time. It is a short jopurney but it gives new experience for the people visiting there for worshipping. Boats service used to be suspended during the rainy season for the safety of the visiting passengers.Normally boat service is provided from Morning till Evening at the interval of half an hour. Tourists from USA, UK, EU and Australia show much interest in visiting this island and to have boat ride.

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Nagadeepa Purana Vihara (නාගදීප පුරාණ විහාරය)

Lot of Buddhist used to visit here to worship Lord Buddha in Nagadeepa Purana Vihara while tourists too visit this Island too to view the beauty of this Island. Nagadeepa Purana Vihara is located in the Nagadeepa Island (Nainativu in Tamil) near to the Nagapoosani Amman temple. To visit here you have to travel by bus or vehicle and then by boat or ferry. There is no road connection to this Island from the Jaffna Main land. This dry and hot Island used to get very little rain fall and the water for the usage of the people living here in the island is bought daily by the Naval Ships. That is because the water in the island seems to be with salty taste. Lot of people live in this Island and 1 or 2 SLTB busses too are running to serve the local people.

How to reach Nagadeepa?

If you are starting your journey from Colombo take the Colombo Jaffna train and reach the Jaffna Railway station. Alternatively you can get SLTB or Private Luxury busses too. Buddhist pilgrims can stay at the Pilgrims Rest located near to the Jaffna station that is run by the Jaffna Nagadeepa Vihara. Also you can travel by private vans to Nagadeepa. First of all you have to reach Jaffna town and can rest. On the other day you can start your journey from Jaffna early morning. By evening you can come back to Jaffna town. You can start your jojurney in the night time from Jaffna back to Colombo.

Early morning catch the "Kurikattuvan Jetty" bus from the Jaffna bus stand. There are private and SLTB busses too are available.
The bus will stop at the Kurikattuvan Jetty after traveling around one hour through villages and roads penetrating the sea.
At the Jetty Navy personal will assist you to get in to the Boat or large ferry.
It is compulsary to wear Life Jacket before boarding the boat.
Each passenger must pay the ticket fare Rs 80/- in side the boat.
There are private Taxi boat service also available which is very expensive.

Boat Service.

Kurikadduvan - Nainativu first boat service at 07:30 am.
Last Boat service is at 05:30 pm
Nainativu - Kurikadduvan first Boat service at 06:30 am.
Last Boat Service is at 05:00 pm
2024 Kurikadduvan - Nainativu - Nagdeepa boat service ticket price: Rs 80/- (One way)
Special Taxi boat Service is too available.

Nainativu Nagapoosani Amman Temple is another popular destination in this Nagadeepa Island where thousands of pilgrims used to come for worshipping.
You must return back from the island by 2:00 pm as there will be not much public boat service from the island will not be available. Otherwise you have to pay extra payment for a private boat for the return journey. Normally every one hour, there is a boat service from both sides. On festival days there used to be many boat service from both sides.

Saturdays, Sundays and on Poya Days Lot of Sinhala Buddhist pilgrims used to come here for worshipping.
Also during the school holidays lot of people come here for worhipping the Lord Buddha.
During the Nagapoosani Amman Temple annual festival season there used to be a big crowed used to come over here to worship the Hindu Goddesses.

Take enough drinking water. (Also Shops are selling mineral water bottles)
White dresses and cap and umbrella are necessary as hot sun will be there on day time.

The boat service between the Isalnd, other Islands and the main land will be interupted under following conditions.
1. During Heavy Winds.
2. Heavy rains too can lead to boat service cancellation.
3. Unexpeted events too can cause cancellation of regular boat service

Nainativu Temple


Nainativu Video.

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